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self employed artist & co-owner

Art By Nicola Cowie

Nicola Cowie

A little about me…

I gained my Honours Degree in Fine Art Printmaking from Gray’s School of Art in Scotland in 2004 before moving overseas to settle in Western Australia where I live in the beautiful Perth Hills. I own The Artists Nook with fellow artist Katherine C Ferguson.

I print onto different kinds of artist quality paper, handmade papers from Japan and paper which I make myself.

I have exhibited throughout the UK, Australia and Indonesia and have work in numerous private and public collections.

I hope you enjoy my work.

A little about my work…

Living in Australia and South East Asia has influenced my work greatly. I am surrounded by such diverse and beautiful plants and wildlife and that appears increasingly in my work. My process is very organic and comes from sketches of things around me which translate into drawings, paintings and prints.

In my printmaking practice I work with wood and linoleum plates carving them with specialist tools before inking them up with a roller and putting them through a press to get the ink onto the paper. The marks the tools make on the block are unique to the practice. It is a thrill to pull a print as there are always unexpected marks natural to that material.

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