Australian Floral Alphabet in Colour 1 of 5


Linocut on paper unframed

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Australian Floral Alphabet in Colour is a linocut and watercolour artwork in a limited edition of 5

Each letter is represented by a beautiful Australian flower. From Alpine Bluebell to Zamia Palm, each tile was designed and carved before being printed and hand-coloured with washes of watercolour.

Alpine Bluebell, Baxter’s Banksia, Correa, Dianella, Emu Bush, Flannel flower, Grevillea, Honeysuckle, Ironbark Orchid, Juniper, King Orchid, Lolly Bush, Mottlecah, Net Bush, Orange Jessamine, Pingle Banksia, Qualup Bells, River Rose, Sturt’s Desert Pea, Tea Tree, Urn Gum, Violet Westringia , Wax Flower, Xanthorrea, Yellow Kangaroo Paw and Zamia Palm

Printed with artists quality ink and coloured with artists quality watercolours on hot pressed 300 gsm cotton rag paper. 56x76cm

It is unframed and packaged in a sturdy tube for mailing