Grevillea Plurijuga


Hand-coloured linocut on paper

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Grevillea Plurijuga is a celebration of the beautiful flower focusing on their unique and distinctive form in a stylised way through the linocut process.

A delicate wreath of grevillea flowers and its leaves encircle and entwine with a central geometric shape which frames a larger grevillea filled branch. Carved in a gentle and organic way into the lino surface the print retains marks from the carving process which hold an energy and flow reflective of these flowers in nature. Tonal watercolour washes fill the spaces between the carved areas adding textural colours which echo the flowers natural hues.


Printed on 300gsm cotton rag watercolour paper with artists quality ink and hand coloured with artists quality watercolours


The image measures 41x41cm numbered, signed and titled on the border in a limited edition of 6 original prints